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Welcome to the CAS Primary Community.

This community focuses on computing in primary schools across the UK. Invitation is open to anyone with an interest in primary computing.

The community will schedule around 6 events a year covering current issues and interest in the world of primary computing and responding to the needs of the community.

The aims of the group are to:

  • showcase new and innovative tools, subject areas and approaches to primary computing
  • respond to the community in scheduling events to support common needs
  • encourage community-driven cocreation and sharing of resources to support primary computing teachers

This community is run by Sarah Edmundson and Dr Jon Chippindall.

Sarah spent many years teaching in primary schools across Manchester and now works with a range of organisations to support schools develop their computing provision. Jon splits his week between teaching computing to key stage 2 at a primary school in Manchester and being Director of CAS.

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Leading Primary Computing: reflections from the subject leader community

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