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Getting started with Microsoft Teams - 3 video sessions

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Resource Type Teaching Resources, Example Programs and Live Lessons
English Key Stage 5-7 year (KS1), 7-11 year (KS2), 11-14 year (KS3), 14-16 years (KS4)
Scottish Curriculum Levels P2-P4 (6-9 years), P5-P7 (9-11 years), S4 - National 4/5 (15-16 years), S1-S3 (11 - 15 years), S5 Higher (16-17 years)

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams is a three-part video series designed to help you navigate the basics of using Microsoft Teams effectively. Through clear instructions and examples, the series covers key features like OneNote, Assignments, and Planner. 

Session 1: Introduction to OneNote
This video shows how to use OneNote in MS Teams. You will learn to make shared notebooks and use features like drawing, adding pictures, and editing.

Session 2: Introduction to Assignments
You will learn how to make, share, and grade assignments in MS Teams.
You will see how to set deadlines and give feedback to students, making it simpler to manage tasks.

Session 3: Introduction to Planner
You will learn to plan class and group projects and keep track of progress easily. With task boards, you can ensure classwork is well-organised.

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