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We are passionate about ensuring that every child has a world-class computing education. We encourage, support and equip teachers of computing through our Community of Professional Practice.

The CAS community is open to everyone who cares about computing education, including teachers, academics, developers, IT professionals, members of professional societies, school leaders, and parents.

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Local CAS Community Meetings are a great way to build relationships with other computing teachers, find new teaching resources, explore ideas and develop your practice. Find out what’s going on near you.


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CAS Community Leaders are essential to the success of CAS, hosting face to face meetings in the local area, supporting local teachers to share good practice, network and gather ideas to take back to the classroom. Find out how you can become a community leader.


Computer Science Accelerator Programme

Become a certified teacher of GCSE Computer Science with the National Centre for Computing Education’s Computer Science Accelerator Programme.

Local CAS Communities offer a supportive environment for teachers to share resources and ideas, reflect on professional development, explore good practice and encourage one another, find out what’s happening near you

CAS News


CAS' views on Ofqual's approach to exams 2021

Published by Victoria Temple on 2020-08-05

Ofqual has been looking at arrangements for exams in 2020 and 2021. We've been making sure that CAS members views have been heard. Read our submissions, and Ofqual's latest reports.


Simon Humphreys receives award from the Royal Society

Published by Claire Penketh on 2020-08-04

Congratulations to Simon Humphreys, one of CAS's founders, who has been awarded a Royal Society medal for his transformative contribution to computing education. Claire Penketh spoke to him about his c...


The Digital Divide - you told us how it impacts your students

Published by on 2020-07-16

From students relying on 4G plans to sharing mobile phones to access online learning; our digital divide survey highlighted the issues many children faced during lockdown


Looking back at Lockdown - CAS members tell us what worked for them

Published by Tim Wilson and Sarah Zaman on 2020-07-16

As we reach the summer break, we talk to a primary and secondary teacher about how they’ve coped and what’s worked well for them and their students:


Inclusive Computing - how to make computing skills accessible to all learners

Published by on 2020-07-15

Our events making sure that the computing curriculum is accessible to everyone have proved to be popular, bringing together experts and ideas.


Using technology successfully - we talk to Claire Arbery about the positives of online learning

Published by Victoria Temple on 2020-07-15

Can technology boost engagement? We talk to Claire Arbery about her experiences at colleges in the south west

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