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We are passionate about ensuring that every child has a world-class computing education. We encourage, support and equip teachers of computing through our Community of Professional Practice.

The CAS community is open to everyone who cares about computing education, including teachers, academics, developers, IT professionals, members of professional societies, school leaders, and parents.



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Local CAS Community Meetings are a great way to build relationships with other computing teachers, find new teaching resources, explore ideas and develop your practice. Find out what’s going on near you.


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CAS Community Leaders are essential to the success of CAS, hosting face to face meetings in the local area, supporting local teachers to share good practice, network and gather ideas to take back to the classroom. Find out how you can become a community leader.


Computer Science Accelerator Programme

Become a certified teacher of GCSE Computer Science with the National Centre for Computing Education’s Computer Science Accelerator Programme.

Local CAS Communities offer a supportive environment for teachers to share resources and ideas, reflect on professional development, explore good practice and encourage one another, find out what’s happening near you

CAS News


An invitation: we're revamping our Facebook!

Published by Victoria Temple on 2020-03-27

Here at CAS we know how that our vibrant community has amazing ideas and resources to share. Now, more than ever, keeping in touch is vital. So we’re revamping our social media with the launch of a new...


CAS statement on COVID-19 coronavirus

Published by Julia Adamson on 2020-03-16

In light of the evolving circumstances, I want to provide an update on how BCS is responding to the Coronavirus outbreak and what that means for our support to Computing at School, and to you.


Why the Seven Personae of Cyber?

Published by Sylwia Wojslaw on 2020-02-05

The Seven Personae of Cyber was developed by Deloitte Ontario to put a human face on the challenges and solutions regarding the massive shortage in Cyber Security talent. It provides a useful reference...


The Best of BETT 2020

Published by Hayley Sully on 2020-02-05

Two of our fabulous CAS Outreach Managers attended BETT 2020, 22-25 January. Here they provide us with their key takeaways from the event.


Early Years and Computing

Published by Neil Rickus on 2020-01-31

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) can provide opportunities for young children to use technology and develop their ability to use computational thinking. Within this article, we examine how each ...

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