National Centre for Computing Education

The DfE has announced the contract for a new National Centre for Computing Education has been awarded to a consortium of STEM Learning, Raspberry Pi Foundation and BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

This is a programme of subject knowledge training for those who are teaching, or aspire to teach, computer science and includes a plan for 40 school/college-based CAS Communities.

This programme represents a step change in investment in our teachers and our subject and Computing At School (CAS).

For several years CAS has been asking government for serious support to train and equip existing computing teachers, at all key stages, to turn the aspirational goals of the national curriculum into a vibrant reality in every classroom. And make no mistake: the NCCE does not replace CAS. For more information and to sign up – go to the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE). Also look here for a statement from both Simon Peyton-Jones Chair of the CAS board and the CEO of BCS, Paul Fletcher.

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The Computing At School COMMUNITY

CAS is a community of individuals who are passionate about giving our children a great education in computing. It is a community of professional practice, which we join as colleagues in a shared endeavour. CAS is part of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and believes every child has the right to a high quality education in computing.

The CAS Community members and champions run over 200 local communities. Here, we meet together, talk, exchange ideas, best practice and resources.

The online CAS Community has over 30,000 registered members, mainly teachers in primary and secondary schools in the UK. Here there are vibrant discussion forums, many thousands of resources submitted by classroom teachers and an extensive events listing of meetings taking place in your local area to support you in your classroom.

You can enter the community, find your nearest CAS Community and start exploring now.

CAS is delighted, through the BCS, to be working as part of the new National Centre for Computing Education in collaboration with STEM Learning and the Raspberry Pi Foundation. This represents a step change in support for teachers of Computing in England offering CPD and certification programmes for primary and secondary school teachers of Computing.


Cognitive Load Theory

Published by Phil Bagge on 2019-02-06

Cognitive load theory has been around for over twenty years. In this article CAS Master Teacher Phil Bagge evaluates what it is and how it can inform good teaching and learning in computing.

Resource of the week

Scratch Progression Resource

Published by Catherine Elliot on 2019-02-11

This collection of Scratch projects has been created to support students learning to program in Scratch, in particular those with special educational needs. However, they will be relevant for all stude...


Greatest Person of the 20th Century?

Published by Simon Humphreys on 2019-02-06

Alan Turing selected as "your greatest person of the 20th century" in recent BBC Icons of the 20th century - even beating David Bowie!


Turning it around ...

Published by Claire Penketh on 2019-01-22

Commonweal School in Swindon is a mixed comprehensive which with the energy and commitment of their Head of Department, CAS Member Jenny McMullen, and support of the senior leadership team is turning a...

New Course!

Creative Computing for KS3 - FREE course

Published by CAS on 2018-10-25

Computing At School, in association with Microsoft UK, are delighted to announce a course for new and aspiring Heads of Computing in secondary schools.

There is no "them" - only us

CAS is a grass roots organisation, whose energy, creativity, and leadership comes from its members. Simon Humphreys, CAS Coordinator

Promoting and supporting excellence in computer science education

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