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Evidencing Using Seesaw - 4 video sessions

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Explore Seesaw in 4 video sessions:

Session 1: Setting up Seesaw in Your School.
Explore the essential steps of setting up your Seesaw account in Session 1, covering account creation, teacher interface navigation, class organization, multi-device access, folder creation, adding new children, parent access and the parent blog.

Session 2: Using the Journal.
Uncover the Journal Page's basics, from adding various content types to crafting activities using whiteboard, PDFs, and links.

Session 3: Creating and responding to activities.
Dive into the session to understand how to use Seesaw's library, set up activities in different ways (like using whiteboard, PDFs, and links), configure activities for various groups, and keep track of student submissions.

Session 4: Using the Assessment tools.
In this session, unlock the skills to efficiently respond and mark student submissions on Seesaw.



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