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Purpose of the CAS Primary Community

The CAS Primary Community is focussed on supporting non-specialist teachers of Computing at Primary level (students aged 11 years and below) in the UK.

The Group

  • collates and creates resources to help non-specialist primary teachers teach Computing;
  • speaks at events to raise the profile of Computing amongst non-specialist primary teachers; liaises with industry partners to identify relevant resources and evidence gaps.


  • On this main community page, you can book onto upcoming events and see our community notification board.
  • Click on the link below to access extra content - including our forum, resources and blogs: 

Access extra content and resources

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Working Group: CAS Primary Working Group

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Marta Bronowicka
11/04/2024 12:41

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

You can now access the final set of resources to help you navigate online platforms!
“Getting Started with Microsoft Teams - a 3-part video series” is now available.

Marta Bronowicka
27/03/2024 10:15

Hey everyone :slight_smile: Exciting news! Our new resource, ‘Getting Started with Google Classroom,’ is now available.

Becci Peters
20/03/2024 10:17

On Tuesday the 26th March, we’ll be looking at some free resources for physical computing and asking you what resources you’d like to see CAS produce. We’ll also be explaining our revised digital badging system which is exclusive to the Physical Computing community and telling you how to claim your badge! There’ll also be some news about how to get an Amazon voucher for submitting a new Physical Computing resource.

Becci Peters
06/03/2024 15:20

Want to find out how to make the most out of AI tools when using them for productivity? Join Tig Williams on Monday at 4 pm. Sign up here Using AI tools for productivity and join the AI community here CAS AI Community

Marta Bronowicka
28/02/2024 13:25

Great Science Share for Schools

‘Sustainable Science’ is the theme for this year’s Great Science Share for Schools, the annual award-winning campaign which inspires 5-14 year-olds to ask questions that matter to them, investigate and share their science with new audiences.

New Great Guided Enquiries, consisting of teacher notes and pupil activities, enable you to participate with ease. Consider the impact of technology on the environment in the Great Computing Share.

The computing resources can be found here - Great Computing Share — The Great Science Share for Schools

You will need to sign up to the GSSfS website to access the Toolkit.


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