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28 March 2024

CAS Physical Computing Resources & Badges - TC Meeting

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Becci Peters

This blog post summarises the TC meeting held around free resources and how to claim badges.

ARM Education Resources

The ARM School Programme, which sponsors the CAS PC Community has a collection of free educational resources available on the ARM website, covering topics suitable for primary, secondary, and post-16 students. Some of the resources mentioned included:

  • Introduction to Programming using MicroPython
  • Pico Projects for 16-18 year olds

Access the resources here

Physical Computing Badges

These badges are designed to recognise and reward teachers for their involvement and contributions to the community.To earn the first badge, teachers need to:

  1. Attend a CAS PC Community meeting
  2. Post and reply on the CAS PC discussion board

The second badge requires teachers to:

  1. Write a blog post on a physical computing topic
  2. Upload or update a physical computing resource to the CAS site
  3. Attend another CAS PC Community meeting

The final badge is earned by:

  1. Presenting at a CAS PC Community meeting
  2. Leading an innovation day or providing teacher training

Claim your badge here

Resource Sharing Initiative

Rachael Horsman, who recently joined the ARM team, discussed a new resource sharing initiative within the CAS PC Community. The goal is to encourage teachers to share their own resources, including any adaptations they've made to existing resources to better suit their students' needs. Rachael explained that the first 10 teachers who share a resource will receive a small reward in the form of an Amazon voucher. She provided a template for the resource cover sheet, which includes information like the learning goals, target age group, and a brief description of the problem to be solved. The resource sharing initiative is open until the end of July 2024, and Rachael encouraged the attendees to participate and contribute their valuable resources to the community.

  • Arm Physical Computing Resource Drive Criteria
  • The resource is an original work, authored by the submitting teacher(s)
  • The resource is shared on the CAS Physical Computing Community
  • The resource includes an Arm resource drive coversheet 
  • The resource includes all the information another teacher needs to use it in their own classroom (dependent on physical equipment)
  • The resource is connected to one (or more) of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • The resource relies upon a physical computing device (micro:bit, RaspberryPi or Arduino devices)
  • The pedagogical approach is based around the idea of project-based learning, namely that;
  • It is set in an authentic real world context
  • It centres on attempting to solve a real world problem
  • It includes a building element where learners make a physical product

To submit a resource in order to receive the Amazon voucher please email with the subject CAS Resource Drive, include a link to the resource in the thematic community and confirm that the resource satisfies the criteria above.

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