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14 October 2022

Designing a core technological curriculum for Key Stages 2 and 3

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Adrian Oldknow | Educational Consultant

Sharing an idea.  Physical computing is one excellent opportunity to develop learners' skills in aspects of  mathematics, data science (aka statistics) and computing which underpin engineering, science and technology, and encourage creativity, innovation and problem-solving.  What I hope is that sme of us can work on building on this to create a technological education and skills core for the KS2 and KS3 curriculum.  This is non-statutory and certainly not an examination syllabus.  It is meant as an offering which schools can adopt in order to demonstrate to Ofsted their commitment to making the curriculum broader, more relevant and challenging for all learners 8-14, across the UK.  It would be in line with the OECD 2030 Learning Framework, and offere accreditation for coursework using Project Based Learning.  Interested?   Adrian


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27/02/2023 15:51

PS would like to talk further :slight_smile:

27/02/2023 15:51

Hi, have just found this blog and think it has real possibilities. Hane you been able to move forward your ideas or would you be interested in discussing these further to develop the idea.

I see it as an holistic approach to develop interest and enthusiam in participants to demonstrate what is possible and have fun while doing it.