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CAS Communities are the hearts, hands, and minds of CAS activity across the UK. CAS Community meetings are for CAS members, run by CAS members.

Across the UK there are over 330 CAS Communities supported by more than 450 volunteer CAS Community Leaders.

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Virtual, hybrid and face to face they provide the opportunity

  • to develop your computing subject knowledge, pedagogical understanding, and practice.
  • to engage in training and professional development activities.
  • to connect directly with others and build your professional community.
  • to share ideas and keep up to date on the latest information across the community.
  • to share teaching and learning resources and reflect on what works in the classroom.
  • to build connections with industry and third sector organisations and to explore opportunities to enhance your computing offer locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • to gain mutual support from others, with a shared interest in delivering a world-leading computing education for every learner.

Joining, Promoting & Leading a CAS Community

Find support, share ideas, and collaborate with others in the CAS Community. Across the UK there are over 330 CAS Communities supported by more than 450 volunteer CAS Community Leaders.

Community Leaders volunteers, they have huge knowledge, expertise, and passion for computing education and are on hand to support you to connect with others, to share your knowledge, expertise, and passion – and to discover new things about teaching and learning computing.

  • Community Leaders organise and facilitate regular community meet ups, usually one per term.
  • Community meet ups are frequently online via teams/googlemeet/zoom, but may be face to face.
  • Topics for meet ups vary but are always driven by the needs of members.
  • Members can join any community and attend any meeting or event.

Explore Communities  or browse upcoming meetings and events to get started

Leading a local CAS Community

Running a local CAS Community has been described as "low maintenance, high impact". It takes, at most, a few hours each month to organise a CAS meeting, but all – including the organiser – leave these meetings motivated to try something new.

Benefits of leading a CAS Community

  • Development your understanding and practice in supporting collaborative professional development within and beyond school
  • Raising your profile in own school and within local community of schools
  • Shape development of the subject and digital skills through CAS
  • Access to new resources provided centrally and through the CAS community, supported by training in these resources and pedagogies
  • Training in using classroom resources for teaching computing and digital skills
  • Public liability insurance through BCS for all CAS activity
  • Discuss and share with other CAS Community members

As a Community Leader you will receive the coveted CAS Community Leader Badge and pack, which includes a CAS supporter's certificate and digital assets to support you in your role. Once your application has been approved, you will get access to more support tools in our dedicated Community Leader area. 

To become a joint leader of an existing community you can apply by going to the Community Page joining the relevant community and pressing the "Become Community Leader" button. You will then be contacted by the central CAS team with further information.

If there is no community in your local area, you can apply to create a new one.

If you're interested in becoming a Community Leader then please read the important documents below before you apply.