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Guidance to the CAS Community Site

About the CAS community

CAS is a community of individuals who are passionate about giving our children a great education in computing. It is a community of professional practice, which we join as colleagues in a shared endeavour. It is not a service to which we subscribe.

CAS is an embodied community

CAS is an embodied community of human beings. We go under our real names, we reveal our work affiliation and our location (work or home, it’s up to you), and we upload a photo of ourselves (not a cartoon; we use our real faces). Doing so reflects our shared endeavour; it helps us to maintain a respectful and supportive tone; and it helps us to find colleagues who live or work nearby.

We can’t stop you uploading a false photo and set a false location. But we urge you to do so only if you have very strong personal reasons for doing so. The ethos of the site is: we meet as real people.

CAS is an inclusive community

CAS represents the subject of computing. It does not represent school teachers, or employers, universities, or suppliers. Rather, membership is open to anyone who is passionate about computing education. Our members include school teachers, university academics, software professionals, parents, school governors, educational publishers and suppliers, and many others. NB. School age students and pupils are not permitted to join the CAS Community.

CAS has a particular focus on England, and the new computing curriculum there. CAS also has sister organisations in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. We also have an increasing number of hugely-welcome members from outside the UK, who are committed to computing education in their own countries.

CAS welcomes individuals who work for educational publishers and suppliers, as contributing members of the community. Educational suppliers form a key part of our ecosystem. However, we do not allow advertising products or services on the CAS community site.

About the CAS Community Website

The CAS Website is a means for binding us together. Here, we meet, talk, exchange ideas, and share resources. The website has four main community areas:

CAS Online Discussions

The online CAS Community gives you the opportunity to share ideas, thoughts, and questions on the CAS online discussions forum.

CAS is a friendly, welcoming, supportive group. That is a precious culture and one that should be reflected in the tone of every posting. Our goal is to provide a safe, constructive and reasonably private place, where support and encouragement is available to teachers and other members.

The overriding principle is this: Speak the truth in love. With those we love we want to speak the truth, but we look for ways to do so that are supportive, tactful, and affirming. Failing that, we hold our peace.

Please read the guidelines, which explore this principle in more detail and provides specific guidelines.

CAS Resources

The CAS Community also has a huge, and growing, Resources section written or uploaded by CAS members, and freely available to all.

Sharing is not always easy. Our experience shows that the main problem is not that there is no material to share. The main problem is that teachers have material, but they think it is not good enough. We often hear: “Yes, I’m happy to share this, but just give me time to polish it a bit, and I’ll upload it. As soon as I have time”. Of course, we all know that the time when you have time never comes. So, the main message of CAS Community is: Share it anyway!

Access to resources in the CAS Website is managed by the original author who can choose whether other members can edit them. We trust each other. Others may continue and extend your work, improve it and make it better.


All the resources on this site are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Licence, unless explicitly stated otherwise. All contributions (including resources, posts and comments) are covered by the CAS community guidelines and the terms and conditions.

For further information and our BCS Legal and Privacy Notices, please follow this link: Legal & Privacy Notices.