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Since its beginnings as a small group of volunteers in 2012, Computing at School has supported over 40,000 teachers, academics, and others, passionate about computing education.

CAS's work continues and we are proud to support more than 11,500 individuals who are actively participating in our community today.

The huge network of teachers has provided me with support and insight into the world of the computing curriculum, from recommending schemes of work to visiting me and helping me in my new role of Computing Coordinator. I now have a clear vision of what I would like to do next.

CAS Members

Our Vision and Mission

Every learner has the knowledge and skills to thrive in the digital age through access to a high-quality computing education.  

An understanding of computing enables citizens to make informed choices in our digital world. To get to that point, we need to encourage and equip school staff. The CAS community of teachers, academics and industry professionals provides access to a range of resources and local events supporting continuing professional development. Membership is open to all adults except students in Further Education taking school-level qualifications.

Being part of CAS means getting involved fully – giving as well as taking.

CAS is a grassroots community, passionate about computing and working together to support teachers and ensure every child has a world-leading computing education. Our mission is to improve the computing skills and knowledge of educators through a community of professional practice.


Structure and Organisation

CAS is proud to be part of BCS and is internally governed by the CAS Board, formed from the membership.

CAS provides advice to the BCS School Curriculum and Assessment Committee supporting its role in shaping public debate and shaping the future of computing in schools. This provides a supportive institutional framework but does not threaten CAS's autonomy or grass-roots style. 

Around the country, members of CAS are encouraged to volunteer to lead and contribute to local communities forming a valuable network across the UK.


Subject Association

CAS is proud to be registered as the Subject Association for Computing with the CfSA. The CfSA is an umbrella organisation, independent of Government, which represents subject associations nationally and allows them to speak with a single voice on key issues and consultations. Founded in 2007 the CfSA currently has over 30 members who all contribute to, and benefit from, the power of a unified voice. The CfSA helps represent Subject Associations in informing educators, policy makers, and media about research and professional practice informed approaches to the curriculum, pedagogy, teacher training and professional development.