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Upcoming Thematic Community events

CAS Primary - Curriculum Planning with Barefoot

Designed to help you and your school get the most from Barefoot, this workshop is aimed at computing subject leaders and illustrates how to maximise the impact of Barefoot’s resources and CPD workshops in your school.

Event starts 18th June @ 4pm

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CAS Secondary - Strype: Python with a blocks-like interface, in the browser

Strype has been created to help pupils transition from block-based programming (e.g. Scratch) into Python.

In this talk we will demonstrate Strype and explain the ideas behind its design

Event starts 19th June @ 4pm

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CAS AI - What does excellence look like in an AI-enhanced school?

In this session, Laura Knight from Berkhamsted Schools will explore the opportunities and challenges of using artificial intelligence (AI) in education. It will showcase examples of innovative AI applications in schools and provide practical inputs and takeaways about policy and practice. 

Event starts 24th June @ 4pm

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The Path to Computing Degrees: Unlocking Opportunities for All Students

In this article, CAS's very own Becci Peters provides an insightful analysis of the increasing accessibility of Computing degrees, particularly for students without prior academic credentials in related fields.

Becci also emphasises the importance of diverse academic backgrounds, debunking the myths that A-Level Maths or prior Computer Science study is essential to entering the space, and argues that this openness enhances the field by incorporating varied perspectives and skills, ultimately fostering a more innovative workforce.

Tools to assist in the classroom

Exciting News! 

CAS has just launched a new collections of videos to help you master Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom and SeeSaw in the classroom. From collaboration tips to assignment organisation, these videos have got you covered.