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25 June 2024

Join us for the Scratch Conference 2024! 24th - 25th July

The Scratch Conference is an online conference for educators. Imagine, create, and connect with educators from around the world! 

Every year, a theme guides the conference programming and event tone. This year’s theme is “Create Your Own Adventure,” emphasizing the wide range of topics, networking opportunities, speakers, and more that educators can explore at the Scratch Conference.

Barefoot Computing at the Conference - 25th July 6pm - 8pm

In our role as Scratch Ecosystem leader, Barefoot will be running a Collaborative Creation Session titled Eco-Coders: using Scratch to explore renewable energy solutions in your community.

Together, we'll explore renewable energy solutions across our communities and channel our creativity into developing a Scratch game or animation.

You will have the opportunity to share how renewable technologies are used in your local community and learn from others across the world, all whilst exploring key programming concepts including sequencing, repetition and selection (objectives taken from the UK National Curriculum for Computing). 

Click here to access Barefoot Resources

Here are a few of the other sessions you can look forward to at this year’s Scratch Conference:

Dust Astronauts

  • Scratch in a War Zone: Teaching Coding to Refugees

New York Hall of Science

  • Designing with Scratch Across the Disciplines for Pre-Service Teachers

Scratch Foundation

  • AI Ethics and Creative Learning: Possibilities & Pitfalls

Makey Makey

  • Makey Makey + Scratch in the ELA Classroom

Scratch Conference 2024: Create Your Own Adventure!