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Mastering AI Chatbots - How to Write an Effective Prompt

When 05 Sep 2024 Start08:00 End09:00
Organised by Becci Peters
Hosted by CAS AI Community
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Thematic Community

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To get the most out of a chatbot, you need a strong foundation in 'prompting' skills. Anyone can pose questions to ChatGPT - but much of the power of AI chatbots lies in their ability to take direction. Adding well-chosen examples turns a 'zero-shot' question into a 'few-shot' prompt, improving the accuracy of the response, while decreasing the probability a chatbot 'hallucinates' its reply. Storytelling techniques - character, context and challenge - help a chatbot generate a richly detailed reply on almost any topic, in almost any tone, from almost any point of view. 'Chain-of-thought' prompts employ a step-by-step instruction process - familiar to all educators - 'teaching' a chatbot how to solve complex problems. But the use of AI chatbots comes with two new responsibilities: first, to protect data, privacy and security; and second, to learn how to discern the difference between 'truthiness' and truth chatbot responses.

Learn all about this in this session from Mark Pesce

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