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18 April 2024

Mission Encodeable - Making programming fun - Secondary TC Meeting

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Becci Peters

This is a summary of a Secondary community meeting discussing Mission Encodeable's free resources.

Mission Encodable: A Comprehensive Coding Curriculum for Young Learners

Mission Encodable is an innovative and free project-based coding tutorial platform developed by Harry and Anna Wake. The platform aims to make learning programming in Python engaging and accessible for young people who may find traditional school-based approaches boring.

Structured Curriculum

The course is divided into 10 progressive levels that cover the entire GCSE Python programming syllabus. Each level is carefully structured with a step-by-step approach, introducing concepts like program structure and functions early on to build strong foundations.

Project-Based Learning

Rather than just teaching syntax and theory, Mission Encodable focuses on hands-on projects that students can work on. These include classic programming challenges like a Magic 8 Ball simulator, Hangman, and Four in a Row, as well as more creative projects using Python's Turtle graphics.

Collaboration with Experts

The pair have partnered with the renowned computing education duo Craig and Dave, whose "Time to Code" website has provided valuable guidance on pedagogy and best practices for the tutorials.

Accessible and Flexible

The platform is IDE-independent, allowing students to use their preferred coding environment. It also includes resources like set-up guides and a certificate system to recognise student achievements.

Diverse Representation

To promote the idea that computer science is for everyone, Mission Encodable features a series of "Computing Legends" posters highlighting the contributions of a diverse range of pioneers in the field, accompanied by blog posts about their lives and legacies. Overall, Mission Encodable offers a comprehensive, engaging, and well-structured approach to teaching Python programming to young learners.

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