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21 October 2022

The dark art that is boolean algebra ...

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Simon Humphreys | Vice Chair Computing At School

I'm not proud of the fact, but my last formal encounter with Mathematics teaching was in 1979, I was 16 and my O Level certificate confirmed a pass but in my head, and no doubt those of my teacher (Mr Staite), it remained a mystery how that was ever …


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Simon Humphreys
02/02/2023 10:51

Thanks John, and lovely to hear from you. I hope all is well …

Dr John Woollard
02/02/2023 10:09

Thanks Simon. Your work is certainly a great contribution to support CAS members come to terms with the “black art” beauty of the Boolean.

Many thanks for Boolean Logic Notes

Simon Humphreys
21/10/2022 19:19

As in, Brackets → NOT → AND → OR …

I omit to mention this in the workbook, I’ll need to review and revise, thanks.

Robert Nixon
21/10/2022 17:24

I’ve found that a great deal of the confusion that surrounds this topic for my students tends to be due to a failure to correctly consider the order of precedence of operators when simplifying expressions. Therefore I try to explicitly reference the order of precedence as much as possible when modelling etc.