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22 March 2024

OCR's AAQs - Vocational Qualifications TC Meeting

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Becci Peters

This post summarises a TC meeting where OCR talked about their new Cambridge Advanced Nationals (AAQs) which will be first taught from 2025. The qualifications covered include:

  • IT: Data Analytics
  • Computing: Application Development

Assessment Criteria and Grading System

  • The unit grade is awarded based on the total number of achieved criteria, with specific pass, merit, and distinction points allocated for different levels of achievement.
  • Students must achieve 10 to pass, 15 for a merit and 20 for a distinction out of a total of 24.
  • Students can achieve the overall qualification even if there are some units scoring lower than a pass as it's based on total points rather than each unit.
  • The marking criteria are detailed and granular, with different marks allocated for various assessment criteria within the unit.
  • Threshold boundaries may be adjusted over time based on performance.

Teaching and Learning

  • The meeting emphasised the importance of teaching both content breadth and depth to prepare students effectively for assessments.
  • It highlights the availability of training opportunities for teachers to ensure they are well-equipped to deliver the curriculum.

Examination Structure

  • Examinations are structured to assess performance objectives through various question types like multiple-choice, short answers, and extended response questions.
  • Long answer responses are detailed with scenarios provided to guide students in providing appropriate responses.
  • An extended certificate (360GLH) has 2 mandatory exam units, 1 mandatory NEA unit and 2 optional NEA units from 4 to choose from.

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