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CAS Vocational Qualifications

This group focuses on supporting teachers delivering Computing qualifications away from the traditional GCSE or A-Level route. This includes Level 2 BTECs, Level 3 T-Levels and Alternative Academic Qualifications.

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Thematic Community: Vocational Qualifications

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Becci Peters
16/04/2024 15:38

On Thursday at 4 pm I’ll be joined by Rebecca Franks for an introduction to Unreal Editor for Fortnite.

Explore our new enrichment resources that will support your learners in getting started in Unreal Editor for Fortnite. In the enrichment sessions, learners can design their own 3D world and personalise it with their own objects, they can then make a fun collectable game.
Sign up here: Getting started in Unreal Editor for Fortnite

Becci Peters
27/03/2024 14:02

For anyone interested in information about T-Levels there’s a blog and some information here from Engineering UK

Becci Peters
22/03/2024 10:51

For anyone who missed the session this week about the new Cambridge Advanced Nationals, here is a summary and link to the slides:

Becci Peters
14/03/2024 09:49

If you missed the session last night covering what AAQs are and the IT & Computing course on offer from TQUK (partnered with AQA) find all the details here: What are AAQs including courses from TQUK-partnered with AQA
We have sessions scheduled for OCR & Pearson too so check out the community if you want to book onto those

Becci Peters
06/03/2024 16:47

If you missed tonight’s session about the Cambridge National in IT, you can find a summary and the recording here: OCR Cambridge National in IT - Vocational Qualifications TC

Becci Peters
01/03/2024 16:49

If you missed the session about Creative iMedia yesterday here is a summary including a link to the recording: Creative iMedia course overview - Vocational Qualifications Thematic Community

Becci Peters
28/02/2024 12:46

The slides from the Pearson session yesterday are here: Demo_p2_27feb24.pdf - Google Drive
The recording is here

Becci Peters
23/02/2024 10:49

At KS4 teachers often wonder what the alternative is to Computer Science or IT for those who can’t access the subjects or who are more interested in using technology than programming. coding and theory. On Thursday at 4pm, Jennie Eyres will introduce the Cambridge National in Creative iMedia as a possible alternative course for those students.

Vinay Thawait
22/01/2024 09:14

Have a look at OCR Level 3 Cambridge Advanced Nationals (AAQs) in IT: Data Analytics and Computing: Application Development qualifications for teaching from September 2025.

We have submitted these two qualifications to the DfE and Ofqual for accreditation. You can download our Draft Specifications, SAMs, Mapping, and Switching Guides from the website.


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