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06 March 2024

OCR Cambridge National in IT - Vocational Qualifications TC Meeting

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Becci Peters

This blog post summarises a recent webinar which explores the Cambridge Nationals in IT qualification, its key features, assessment model, and the resources and support available for this course. 

Key Features and Assessment Model: The IT qualification was developed with teachers and covers four key performance objectives. The assessment model includes a terminal exam (RO 50) worth 40% and two non-examined assessments (RO 60 and RO 70) each worth 30%, making up a total of 120 guided learning hours.

RO 50: Examined Unit This unit covers six topic areas, including design tools, human-computer interaction, data and testing, cybersecurity, digital communication, and the Internet of everything. Students will need to sit this unit at the end of their program of study, but some content, such as design tools and human-computer interaction, will be needed throughout the course.

RO 60 and RO 70: Non-Examined Assessments These units are coursework-based and cover data manipulation using spreadsheets, and creating an augmented reality prototype, respectively. RO 60 should ideally be taught in year 11, while RO 70 is a new unit specifically designed for pre-16 students.

Teaching and Learning: Curriculum planners, schemes of work, and third-party resources are available to support teachers in delivering the course. It is essential to teach and provide hands-on experience with the tools and techniques required in the spreadsheet and AR units.

Assessment and Resources: Sample assessment materials, candidate style resources, student exemplars, and CPD, including online training courses, are available to support teachers. Blogs and forums provide additional help, particularly around the AR unit.

Exam Structure: The RO 50 examined unit consists of an hour and a half, written exam, with 70 marks in total, including multiple-choice, short response, and extended response questions. The NEA assessments for RO 60 and RO 70 are marked by teachers and moderated by OCR, with students following a plan-do-review structure.

OCR is committed to providing teachers with a wealth of resources to support their exam preparation. Their primary resource hub is Teach Cambridge, a secure website that hosts all past papers, schemes of work, and other necessary materials. 

In addition to Teach Cambridge, there are endorsed textbooks, regular CPD events, and an active social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. The subject advisors and computing team are always available to answer questions via email or phone, and we offer teams calls for teachers to get the support they need. 

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