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23 January 2023

The Doshi Academy: Why we should teach Web3 today

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2022 was an eventful year in the world of crypto. While cryptocurrency ownership of internet users reached 10% for the first time, it also experienced setbacks with the downfall of FTX, a global currency exchange. Given the inherent risks cryptocurrencies pose, is it wise to teach our next generation about crypto today?


As it turns out, cryptocurrencies are only a subset of the wider evolution of Web3. While users in Web2 can only read and write, Web3 users are able to own and manage the data they create. 2022 saw some exciting use cases of Web3, including the meteoric rise of Blockchain gaming, Starbucks launching a loyalty programme built on NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and Ukraine raising $3million via UkraineDAO, a philanthropic organisation formed to raise money for Ukrainian soldiers facing down the Russian army.


Here are 3 key reasons why kids should learn about Web3. 


Future-proof careers

Web3 is set to become a $80bn industry by 2030 and will create an estimated half a billion new jobs by 2040 It already is revolutionising parts of finance (decentralised finance), retail, real estate, and art, with many use cases evolving every day. Educating teens on Web3 today will future proof their career opportunities. 


Explore curiosity and creativity

In a recent study conducted with over 400 UK and US teens found 63% of teens said they were curious about cryptocurrencies and 58% about blockchain technology. The combination of exploring a new form of digital money and the technology itself is driving a lot of interest of young adults, which in turn fosters an intrinsic desire to learn.


Educate about online safety

Despite its promise of being open to all, the world of crypto is unwelcoming to the next generation of users with hardly any guidance and support. This had led to scams and mistakes being made. Teens are potentially the most vulnerable demographic. Schools have a mandate to help guide young adults in navigating the internet and identifying potential ways to get exploited.


Introducing the Doshi Academy


The Doshi Academy is the first blockchain education programme for UK secondary schools. Co-authored by Sara Trickey (Head of Tech in a leading UK secondary school), the Academy takes students through a comprehensive list of concepts necessary to take part in the Web3 economy, including Bitcoin, NFTs, and Decentralisation. At the end of the programme, students receive an NFT, which certifies the completion of the academy. Furthermore, Doshi offers a free fantasy trading tool as part of the programme, whereby schools can sign up to compete amongst other schools.


How it works for students


Students are guided through a structured curriculum that includes 8 introductory modules delivered for free to students via the Doshi App. Every lesson is packed with engaging multimedia content, and friendly video explainers delivered through a system that fosters positive reinforcement and continuous learning. The curriculum is split into 2 levels of 4 modules, which can be broken into 2 week-long bootcamp courses.


How it works for teachers


The Doshi Academy was designed for teacher who are curious about blockchain but have no prior experience of teaching it. Teachers get access to a free teacher portal, which allows users to seamlessly create classrooms, onboard students, track progress and find useful resources.

Teachers receive a course overview and curriculum mapping across Key stages 3 & 4 as well as GCSE. In addition, each online lesson contains an accompanied lesson guide that can be printed before class. Teachers get a view of each student’s progress and can print out a certificate of achievement for each student at the end of the programme.


What people say about the academy


So far, over 700 students have completed the course, with a 95% completion rate. The course has been piloted across 4 UK and US schools. According to Mount House, students “have very much enjoyed the Doshi education programme and […] the buzz it has generated has been palpable.  Students are gaining vital knowledge and insight into the world of cryptocurrency which is so important in our current world, and the scheme has generated important conversations about the topic.” At Northampton School, students really enjoyed using Doshi and [they] went out on their own to learn about cryptocurrencies. The competitive element was fun and interactive.” The programme has also been endorsed by leading organisations such as Next Gen.