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05 February 2022

The Computing Quality Framework - My Experience

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Simon Roberts | Secondary School Teacher (11-18)

Being one of the first 10 schools in the country to be awarded the Computing Quality Mark has been one of the highlights of the year. And one of the best things was being surprised by it!

Being a Computing Hub for the Tees Valley and Durham region…


Michael Jones
08/02/2022 19:34

Hello All

Following on from Simon’s blog entry regarding the Quality Review Framework, would CAS members be willing to share their experiences of the process - fully completed or in progress is good. I’m undertaking research into how this is working.

Many thanks


Hayley Stapleton
19/02/2022 13:42

I spent a few hours making a start on this during half term and would love to find out how others have submitted the evidence. I have initially started pasting extracts in, but as formatting is very limited within the form I imagine links might work better? However, within the FAQ it says there is no need to upload supplementary documents. I would welcome any suggestions. Thanks

Pete Dring
19/02/2022 14:32

I really like the idea of the QCF - it’s a really helpful way to take a step back and evaluate strengths, weaknesses and next steps as a curriculum leader or subject leader, especially when done with discussion with SLT. Like @hstapleton I found the text editor for describing evidence limiting. I ended up describing the documentation and evidence that was relevant. It’d would be great to allow file uploads for each section or to be able to paste screenshots if possible.

Rachael Coultart
01/03/2022 09:10

I heard about the QCF a short while ago and thought it sounded like something that would be interesting to do. Now reading your post here, Simon, it has made me more determined to find the time to sit down and get on with it! Thank you

Michael Jones
24/03/2022 19:19

Hi Pete

Would you be happy to create a case study on oyur experience circa 200-250 words?



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