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Welcome to CAS Secondary

Implementing and delivering the Secondary Computing Curriculum is a continual challenge, yet an exciting one. The team at Computing at School are here to help and support you.

We have high-quality resources, advice and support from a community of CAS Secondary practitioners across all key stages. You can access more specific key stage information below:

Looking for free high-quality resources? Look no further...

CAS is a vibrant community of members supporting one another. One way in which our members like to offer support is by sharing resources. Over time CAS has built up a collection of thousands of member-created resources, which can all be accessed for free. 

Resources include lesson plans, teacher-focused subject knowledge enhancers, assemblies, parent workshops... the list goes on, and on! 


Listed below are the top 6 most popular resources for Secondary Teachers

Knowledge Organiser for NCCE KS3 Scratch Programming Units

Click here to download

micro:course - tackle real world challenges with the micro:bit

Click here to download

ChatGPT for Teachers - A Guide by Evan Dunne

Click here to download

Programming (exam style) Questions on Standard Algorithms

Click here to download

National reports and policy documents

Click here to download

GCSE Python Revision/Recap Activities

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Looking for help and guidance? Connect with the community

Secondary Thematic Communities

Our core communities are open to anyone across the UK with a shared interest around a theme. Our volunteer leaders of these communities schedule the content of the meetings considering ‘hot topics’ and the needs’ of community members.  

We have a Secondary focused thematic community, as well as targeted groups specifically for Secondary HODs, A-Level, and Trainee/ECT teachers.

Join our online Secondary Communities

Local Communities

CAS has a network of local communities across the UK run by our volunteer Community Leaders, specialising in offering relevant local support to teachers.

Communities are either primary or secondary specialised or focus on both – called ‘Mixed Communities’.  

Explore your local Secondary Communities

Looking to chat? Connect with us on social

Check out the links below for further ways you can connect with us

Have a question you'd like to pose or experience you'd like to share? Our online forum is a hive of activity and we'd love to hear from you.

We have separate groups for Key Stage 3 (11-14 years), Key Stage 4 (14-16 years) & Key Stage 5 (16-18 years) so join the discussion today.

Access the CAS Online Forum

Another way to connect with our community is via our CAS Secondary Facebook group. At the time of writing, the group has over 1300 members sharing resources, support and guidance on all things computing related in secondary schools

Join the CAS Secondary Facebook Group

Our YouTube channel has over 350 videos covering a wide range of topics around computing education, including computing in the secondary setting. In fact, we’ve got a whole playlist of secondary related videos which you can watch here. 

CAS TV Secondary Playlist 

Another way to connect with the CAS community is via our weekly Twitter takeover in the form of #CASChat via @CASChat_UK which happens every Tuesday at 8pm.  

Each week a set of 5 questions is released with everyone diving into a discussion organised using #CASChat. No invitation necessary so feel free to jump into the chat at any time or just lurk and learn.  

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Looking for further support?

Check out the links below for further CAS resources:

CAS Wellbeing Toolkit

Access mental health and wellbeing support, and useful links to external resources

Access the Toolkit

Careers Inspiration Videos

Inspire your students through these case studies exploring careers in Computing 

Access Video Library

Home Learning Activities

A collection of resources to support parents with Computing education at home 

Access Activities

Physical Computing Innovation Days

Innovation Days are exciting project-based learning experiences where students participate in teams to solve real-world challenges.

Together with the Arm School Program we've packaged up all of the resources and materials you need to run your own Physical Computing Innovation Days.