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25 April 2022

Achieving Success with CAS Leadership Coaching Academy

We are proud to have received this feedback recently from Lisa Johnson who has got a new job teaching a whole new key stage because of her participation in the CAS Leadership Coaching Academy.

In Lisa’s words “Would it be possible to pass on my enormous thanks to Paula Beer? She was part of my working groups in the training sessions and her coaching has changed my life! She helped me to have the confidence and motivation to apply for and get my new job. So, the coaching really works!”

The Leadership Coaching Academy

CAS have developed the CAS Leadership Coaching Academy designed to provide coaching training to CAS Ambassadors to help teachers unlock their potential and maximise their performance in the classroom. Completion of the programme leads to the BCS Certificate in Coaching for Computing Educators. 

Upon completing their training, coaches will be allocated teachers who have completed the NCCE Certificate in GCSE Computing Subject Knowledge (the CS Accelerator). The teachers will have the opportunity of working with the coaches to enable them to make decisions and choose pathways to develop their own pedagogical, reflective, performance and leadership approaches. This will be achieved through a series of one-to-one coaching conversations between the trained coaches and the coachees.  

While being coached, teachers will be able to reflect and record the impact of the coaching and can undergo performance coaching training themselves in the future. This will enable them to take on the role of an academy coach to support future Computer Science Accelerator graduates, providing a cyclical programme of coaching and support for computing teachers.

Free coaching programme for CSA Graduates!

If you have achieved the NCCE Certificate in Computer Science Subject Knowledge, you are eligible to receive coaching through the CAS Coaching and Leadership Academy.  You will receive a minimum of three coaching sessions from one of our trained coaches.  The coaching does not provide subject knowledge training, it is to develop your leadership skills or explore an area for development in your own practice Full details can be found here and you can register by following this link.