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Certification through the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT - Certificate in Coaching for Computing Educators.

A programme of coaching professional development providing bespoke teacher-to-teacher support for emerging practitioners of Computing through coaching from experienced CAS coaches.

  • Receive training to develop your coaching and leadership skills relevant for senior leadership roles
  • A programme of cyclical support to develop teacher performance and promote positive and individualised Computing development

What will I experience as a CAS ambassador in the academy?

  • A structured professional development programme

- Module 1: Introduction to coaching

- Module 2: Coaching for performance

  • Leading coaching discussions with assigned coachees
  • On completion receive certification

What will I experience as a coachee in the academy?

  • At least three one-to-one coaching discussions with a trained CAS coach to explore an area for development in your own practice
  • A developed network of support
  • A developed mindset to make outstanding decisions

"It has been a great support, to help me with areas that needed development in my teaching and delivery of Computer Science. The impact has been noticeable in my pedagogy and management of the demands of the job role that I am currently in. You have helped me identify steps that I should take, in order to progress in my career."  Coachee

"Since starting I have grown in confidence and now reflect more in my own practice. I feel I have grown and developed as a leader at school and improved my interpersonal skills to develop computer science within the school and with my colleagues."  Donna Robertson, CAS Coach

"It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to work with such a committed and creative group of colleagues as part of the CAS coaching programme. The shared vision to create a coaching culture within and across departments was genuinely inspirational, as was the palpable growth in collective confidence in working with others to achieve this goal. I have absolutely no doubt that this teams of exceptional coaches is now already making a very special and significant difference in their schools."  Derek Peaple, CAS Executive Coach


Sign up to be a coach    

Please use this form to register for the coaching training and to identify which training dates you will attend. Prior to the training you will receive a request to attend an introductory webinar where more details will be shared about the coaching programme.

Programme content for Tier 1:

Introduction to Coaching

  • Understanding the rationale for coaching
  • Introduction to the coaching dance
  • Examining powers of effective questioning
  • Experiencing a coaching intervention
  • Evaluation of your coaching ability
  • Developing a clear action plan to ensure growth

Coaching for performance

  • Listening with the insight of emotional intelligence
  • Feedback the way to unlock intrinsic motivation
  • Coaching as an effective leadership style

Programme content for Tier 2:

  • Leading self
  • Leading others (teams)
  • Leading organisations (school)


Sign up to be a coachee

If you wish to take up the opportunity of being coached to develop your leadership skills or you wish to improve your teaching performance please complete this form. Please note this is only available to teachers who have completed the Computer Science Accelerator Programme.

Join The Leadership Coaching Academy Community which provides a space for CAS coaches to engage in discussions, share valuable resources and reading lists and ask for advice and guidance from our executive coaches. (Please remember that this is not a space for discussing individuals that you may be coaching or have coached.)

Leadership Coaching Academy Community  

A collection of coaching titles to extend your knowledge and widen your scope of the effectiveness of coaching.

Coaching bibliography

Carry out your own research to find out about the culture of coaching in your school.

Coaching culture audit questionnaire