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Welcome to the CAS Physical Computing Community. 

The CAS Physical Community provides a space for CAS members to engage in discussions, share valuable resources and best practice around the use of physical computing in the classroom.

Collaboratively, we aim to achieve the following goals:

  • Establish effective approaches for using physical computing
  • Define approaches for the successful integration of physical computing within the wider school vision
  • To make available, to refine and evolve resources to support teachers and provide them with the confidence to provide impactful learning experiences.

This community is run by Peter Marshman 

As a member of the CAS Physical Working group you’ll experience an informal community of enthusiastic members, collectively supporting each other though:

  • Termly online meetings
  • Sub-group ad-hoc online meetings
  • Access to a framework for effective project-based learning approaches
  • Support and guidance from industry specialists
  • An opportunity to lead sub-groups to share with the wider CAS Community

Become a part of the community

Physical Computing Innovation Days

Innovation Days are exciting project-based learning experiences where students participate in teams to solve real-world challenges.

Together with the Arm School Program we've packaged up all of the resources and materials you need to run your own Physical Computing Innovation Days.

Physical Computing Innovation Days

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