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Resource Type Worksheets and Activities
English Key Stage 7-11 year (KS2), 11-14 year (KS3)
Curriculum Topic Algorithmic Thinking, Computational Thinking, Data & Information, Design & Development, Effective use of tools, Enrichment/STEM/Cross Curriculum, Impact of technology, Physical Computing, Programming

This book introduces learners to the world of making and programming through
a series of real-world challenges that feature the micro:bit.

Learners study the building blocks of Computer Science in a practical and engaging way by making real-world products and solving real-world problems using code. Learners start using a “block-based” language called MakeCode to learn the fundamental concepts of Computer Science whilst applying them to the physical world. Learners then move on to using Python, a text-based programming language, and explore more advanced features of the micro:bit.

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