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Nicki Cooper's Key Stage 3 Computing Overview

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Last edit: 10 December 2021

Key Stage 2 Programming, Networks, Software Use, Safety
Key Stage 3 Programming, Logic, Binary, Data, Hardware, Software Use, Safety
Age Range 11-14
GCSE/Key Stage 4 OCR A453 Coding, OCR A451 Systems, AQA GCSE Computer Science (8520)
Imported Resource Type For Teachers, For Students

An overview of our new Key Stage 3 Computing Curriculum with links to schemes of work and resources. This is assessed against the Progression Pathway Assessment Framework and I’ve built this into each scheme of work.

I still have yet to write some of the schemes of work and I'll update this document as these are produced.

This year all years will complete an initial Computing assessment first (normally this would just be for year 7), a link to this is in the 'See Also' section on the right ->

Level: Year 7 to 9 (some resources may also suit KS2)

Duration: Whole year.

Teaches: The new Computing Programme of Study

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