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01 March 2024

Creative iMedia course overview - Vocational Qualifications TC Meeting

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Becci Peters

This blog post summarises the OCR Creative iMedia course for KS4 students as described during a community meeting

As a teacher, you know that not all students excel in traditional GCSE subjects.

Some students have a natural interest in media, IT, or computer science but don't have the technical skills or desire to pursue those subjects at a higher level. That's where the Cambridge National in Creative iMedia comes in.

Jennie Ayers, a media consultant, believes that this two-year course is a great option for students who want to explore the digital world without the heavy emphasis on exams that other computing qualifications have.

The course is designed to be a vocational alternative to GCSE and is equivalent to one GCSE. The Cambridge National in Creative iMedia has a 60-40 split of coursework and exams, providing a balance between practical skills and theoretical knowledge. The coursework is made up of two units, one mandatory and one optional, and you can choose from a range of units that best suit your students' skills and interests. What makes this course unique is its flexibility.

The guided learning hours are provided as a guide, and the coursework can be tailored to your students' abilities and strengths. This means that your students can explore areas of the digital world that interest them and develop skills that they can use in the future. The certification opportunities for this course are in January and June of Year 11. While most schools will take the full two years and certificate in the June, there are opportunities for students to certify in the January of Year 11, provided that they have completed the course at a fair old rate. So, if you're looking for a vocational qualification that can prepare your students for the digital world and give them the opportunity to be creative, consider the Cambridge National in Creative iMedia.

It's a fantastic option for students who want to explore the digital world without the heavy emphasis on exams that other computing qualifications have.

There are two mandatory units:

  • Creative iMedia in the media industry (RO 93): This covers the basics of the media industry, like file types, formats, and platforms.
  • Visual identity and digital graphics (RO 94): This unit is all about creating a logo and a digital graphic, like a poster or website banner.

You then get to choose an optional unit based on your interests and skills. Here are a few options:

  • Characters and comics (RO 95): Create your own comic book character and story.
  • Animation with audio (RO 96): Make a short animation and add sound effects.
  • Interactive digital media (RO 97): Design and build an interactive product, like a website or kiosk.
  • Visual imaging (RO 98): Develop a portfolio of photographs and a short film.
  • Digital games (RO 99): Design, create, and evaluate your own video game.

Find out more about this course by watching the recording of the meeting here 

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