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13 September 2022

Code Week 10 Year Anniversary – Get Involved!

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Peter Marshman

Code Week – Get Involved! 


8-23 October 2022

Are you participating this October? 

It’s the 10 year anniversary of CodeWeek, so if you haven’t been involved before, this is the perfect time!

I have participated in CodeWeek for many years and looking back on the experiences, they have enabled me to forge links with teachers across the globe and have helped me to:

  • Create a group of online colleagues and friends, sharing best practice
  • Visit countries such as Lithuania, Estonia and Prague to find out how other countries and schools develop their computing curriculum
  • Create opportunities for students such as Kids Inspiring Kids, a great way of sharing videos and making student ambassador connections
  • Gain guidance and broaden my view of how Computing can be taught and exciting cross-curricular approaches, many of which have manifested in resources and ideas when I’ve been publishing work

It is super easy to get involved, all you need to do is:

  1. Pick one or more activities involving coding that you are hosting. This could be a lesson involving coding, a community event or even teacher training
  2. Add those activities to the world map on the website via this link:
  3. Write a few notes about the activity, start date, end date and you national EU Code Week Ambassador will be able to authorise them.
  4. Check the world map and see your activity among the thousands taking place across the globe:

You’ll then receive your CodeWeek certificate for your school and your CodeWeek organiser badge!

You can also gain your CodeWeek certificate of excellence if you are able to pin to the map 10 activities that are linked together or get 3 other countries involved.  You can find out more here:

I would encourage anyone who wants to expand their networks, contribute to a huge celebration coding and of course, gain new ideas for your classroom.

There’s more to CodeWeek than just pinning your activities on the world map of course, for example:

Teaching resources:


You can find a whole load of promotional material as well as slides to share with teachers here:

Should you need any further help don't hestitate to get in touch - 


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Roberta Cresswell
17/08/2023 14:42

Thanks! I’ve added our Code Club cw22-8WKQi

Peter Marshman
26/09/2022 20:46

Thanks James for sharing your activity code and Rachael of course :slight_smile: There’s still time you might be able to add a lesson :wink:

Rachael Coultart
24/09/2022 07:09

Thank you for the reminder, Pete. I’ve been a bit too snowed under at the start of this academic year, but hopefully next year…

James King
19/09/2022 14:13

Anyone taking part in this?

It would be good to share our activity codes for the Code Week 4 All activity.

My activity code is: cw22-8WKQi