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20 January 2022

World (Computing) Book Day 2022

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Joanne Hodge | Primary School Teacher

With World Book Day fast approaching on Thursday 3rd March, I believe it is the perfect time to think about how we could celebrate excellent computing books in our classes, alongside the usual digest. This year is the 25th anniversary of World Book Day and it would be fabulous if it could be filled with lots of exciting computing books to read too. So I need your help!

In a previous post, I mentioned about creating a library area in my ICT Suite. Previously, I asked for computing book recommendations and I would love you to hear from you again regarding this! I am in the process of revamping the space ready for my book collection but wish to fill the shelves with even more beautiful books. Therefore, could you please share below, in the comments section, your top 3 brilliant books to support children with their understanding of computing. Fiction and non-fiction would be great – or a bit of both? Also, what age/year group are the books suitable for?

If possible, could you also consider how you share or use these books: Are they in the class or school library? Are they only used for online safety sessions? Are they used for PHSE or other cross-curricular activities? Are there computing books in your school reading scheme?

Continuing with this theme, on Tuesday 8th February at 5pm, Beverly Clarke be holding a World Book Day Instagram Live to discuss all things World Book Day with a computing twist! Special guests will include myself and Rebecca Franks, and we would love you to join us to share your own ideas too. Follow CAS on Instagram to access the live session and have your questions and cuppa ready:



Oliver Williams
21/01/2022 08:13

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Tim Wilson
24/01/2022 09:38

Excellent blog. Thanks so much for sharing Jo. I’m really looking forward to seeing what suggestions folks put into this thread as well as tuning into the Instagram Live with you, Beverly Clarke and Rebecca Franks on 9th February.

Isabella Lieghio
24/01/2022 19:07

Hi Jo,
What about the Hello Ruby books? Great for KS1 to read with an adult… Books | Hello Ruby

Jo Hodge
24/01/2022 21:45

Great idea! Thanks for sharing. These will be perfect.

Jo Hodge
24/01/2022 21:46

Thanks Tim! I am looking forward to having a go to list to refer to!

Jo Hodge
24/01/2022 21:47

Thanks! Great book choice!

Rachael Coultart
25/01/2022 12:59

Hi Jo,

My top three would be ‘How to Code a Sandcastle’ by Josh Funk, ‘Once Upon a Time Online’ bu David Bedford and ‘I swapped my brother on the internet’ by Jo Simmons.

Oh and then there’s ‘#Goldilocks’, ‘Chicken Clicking’ and ‘Troll Stinks’ by Jeanne WIllis and Tony Ross.
And not forgetting ‘Glitch’ by Sarah Graley.

Think I’ll stop for now ;o)

Beverly Clarke
01/02/2022 18:09

There is also this list by @cgarside which has recommendations for KS3-KS5 students - for teachers by teachers

Jo Hodge
01/02/2022 19:46

Thanks for sharing Beverly and to Claire for compiling such a comprehensive list.

Hayley Stapleton
19/02/2022 15:41

I like Hacker by Malorie Blackman for UKS2. I now need ideas for how to dress as this on WBD! :sweat_smile:

Jo Hodge
19/02/2022 16:00

Thanks Hayley! Me too - we usually theme ours!

Madison Cranstone
23/02/2022 17:39

Here is a list of books linked with online safety that some colleagues and I have compiled for use with primary age children. Hope it’s useful to someone.
Maddy :slight_smile:

• Chicken Clicking - Jeanne Willis
#Goldilocks - Jeanne Willis
• Old Macdonald had a Phone - Jeanne Willis
• Troll Stinks - Jeanne Willis
• The Technology Tail – Julia Cook
• But It’s Just A Game - Julia Cook
• PenguinPig – Stuart Spendlow
• MonkeyCow - Stuart Spendlow
• Webster’s Friends - Hannah Whaley
• Webster’s em@il - Hannah Whaley
• Webster’s Bedtime - Hannah Whaley
• When Charlie McButton Lost Power - Suzanne Collins
• TEK – Patrick McDonnell
• Ant Clancy Games Detective – Ruth Morgan
• Dot. – Randi Zuckerberg
• Unplugged – Steve Antony
• Once Upon a Time Online - David Bedford
• Peppa Pig’s Family Computer – LadybirdBooks
• Nerdy Birdy Tweets - Aaron Reynolds
• Ruby’s Worry – Tom Percival

Beverly Clarke
28/02/2022 10:34

Thanks for sharing @mcranstone - great list

Jo Hodge
28/02/2022 20:05

What a brilliant list - thanks! I will add these to mine so we can have a go to Primary book list to but for your library.

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