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28 April 2022

The demand for digital, tech and cyber security skills are increasing!

Niyo Enterprise are looking to empower and inspire young people aged 11-14 to pursue interests and subject choices that could take them towards a career in cyber security!

Cyber Explorers is an initiative led by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to encourage young minds to think creatively and critically when it comes to implementing security measures online.

You’re wondering how you come into all this? WELL, Niyo Enterprise would love to come in and support in any of the following ways:

  1. Run a workshop for some of your teaching staff - facilitating virtual workshops for you to learn about the platform and how to onboard students.
  2. Run a class session or Assembly for students - email to find out when they can come in and run fun, engaging cyber activities that are also educational.
  3. Are you a Cyber professional? - nominate yourself or a team member as a Keynote speaker or run a workshop to expand the minds of students age 11-14. CLICK HERE

If this is something that interests you or anyone that you know, then please fill out the appropriate forms. Or, share with anyone else you know that could benefit from this opportunity!

To book a workshop for teachers click here or to book a workshop during class time for some of your students or if you have further questions please email