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13 December 2021

How to Revise with the Retrieval Method

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Claire Gryspeerdt | Head of Computer Science and IT

This month I am writing about how we can best prepare our students to dare I say it... REVISE!

Even the word sounds the most non-engaging and non-exciting word, so I looked for others - I found “study, clean up, look over, go over, redraw, restyle, run through and re-organize.”

I would like to focus on the following words “redraw, restyle, re organise and run through." They jumped out at me, making the activity ahead seem so much more exciting.

Now using these words, how can we make revising fun? Reconsolidating and retrieving shouldn’t be a boring process, so here is some advice on how we can best set the students up.

Have you incorporated the Rosenshine Principles - the combination of cognitive science, classroom practices, and cognitive support? These principles can help us start to restyle our lesson exam questions.

Here is a blog that I have used relating to the principles of instruction to help me enrich the students activities for re-organising and restyling their revision of work.

I also came across this YouTube video from a current student of 6th form, which I have shared with my students in preparation for November Mocks and Spring mocks.