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Year 6 - 7 Transition - Code breaking activity

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Last edit: 19 June 2024

Resource Type Worksheets and Activities, Lesson Plans, Teaching Resources, Example Programs and Live Lessons
Curriculum Topic Computational Thinking, Data & Information
English Key Stage 11-14 year (KS3)
Scottish Curriculum Levels S1-S3 (11 - 15 years)

This resource is ideal for a taster session when y6 students are visiting their Secondary schools. This activity can be done with/without computers and involves computational thinking to crack open some cyphers. It promotes teamwork so students can get to know their new classmates whilst having fun.

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New Resource: Year 6 - 7 Transition (2024-06-13)

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Becci Peters
04/07/2024 09:00

if you’re still having issues please contact

Gemma Barton
27/06/2024 15:04

It won’t download for some reason?

Charlie Sherman
22/06/2024 11:42

Level Three has a spelling mistake - it should be secret drawer not secret draw. Love the resource though, and it is editable on the download.

Chris Brown
19/06/2024 12:43

I used wheels like this at The National Museum of Computing (Milton Keynes), except they were used over and over for multiple groups so there were wooden wheels that lasted. Not sure where they came from. A very effective learning experience.

Becci Peters
17/06/2024 16:44

This has now been fixed. Hope you all enjoy it!

Paul Sinnett
14/06/2024 23:09

It seems to work for me. Maybe it has been fixed?

Claire Mortlock
13/06/2024 12:01

The unzipped files are all showing as 0 kb for me too. Shame as this would have been a nice activity to try.

Kaeren Coverdale
13/06/2024 11:58

These are all showing as 0 KB in size for me, what I am doing wrong ? I have logged in, downloaded the resource and extracted them