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Take the lead: apply to become a CAS Community Leader and start your own Local Community

We're excited that you're interested in becoming a CAS Community Leader. Please use our community search tool to see if there is a Local CAS Community already operating near you. To become a joint leader of an existing community you can apply by going to the Community Page , joining the relevant community and pressing the "Become Community Leader" button. You will then be contacted by the central CAS team with further information.

If there isn't a community in your area and you would like to start a new one, please complete the application below.

Before you fully commit or apply, please take a moment to read the Community Leader Agreement below. Then jump straight to the application form. Don't worry if you're not a CAS member yet - simply join us (it's quick and easy!) before submitting your application.

Your Details

As a CAS Community Leader, we respectfully ask that you have uploaded to your CAS profile a clear head-and-shoulders photograph of yourself, ideally with a plain background.
To maintain links with school networks and stay up-to-date with matters affecting schools, most CAS Communities have a teacher either running the Community or as a joint Community Leader. Priority is given to applications from serving teachers and those directly involved with teacher education and CPD. Please check the applicable box below:

Reason for becoming a CAS Community Leader
Please use the box below to tell us your reasons for applying:
Your Community
CAS Community names should include the town where the community will be based e.g. Swindon, and the phase of education the community is intended to support e.g. primary. You can use “Mixed” if the community will support both primary and secondary level education. Community names should follow the format of : CAS [TOWN] [Phase of Education] e.g. CAS Swindon Primary Please suggest a community name below:
Please provide a short description of the aims and objectives of your new community and the audience to which it will appeal.
Your Data - Before submitting your application, please ensure you have read the important documents above so that you understand the expectations of this role.