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Creating a 3D model of a solar panel

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Resource Type Lesson Plans
English Key Stage 7-11 year (KS2), 11-14 year (KS3)
Curriculum Topic Creating Media, Design & Development, Effective use of tools, Enrichment/STEM/Cross Curriculum


Learners will create a digital 3D model of a solar panel. They will use different shapes and move
these around. They will learn how to duplicate the shapes and save their work.

Learning objective

• To construct a digital 3D model of a solar panel

“I can” statements:

• I can select, move and edit 3D shapes
• I can group and duplicate multiple shapes to increase efficiency
• I can rotate and lift shapes above a flat plane

“I know” statements

• I know that I can join more than 1 shape together to create a new (compound shape)
• I know that I can duplicate shapes to increase efficiency

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