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12 March 2024

Using AI as a teacher - AI TC Meeting

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Becci Peters

This blog post summarises a meeting in the AI community where Tig Williams discusses different AI platforms and how they can be used.

Tig provided a comprehensive overview of various AI tools like ChatGPT, Poe, and Gemini, focusing on their functionalities and effectiveness in different tasks. Here is a detailed breakdown of the key points discussed:

AI Tool Functionality:

  • ChatGPT: Known for generating content suitable for IT professionals but may not be ideal for weaker learners due to its high-level output lacking detailed explanations tailored to beginners.
  • Gemini: Praised for providing well-explained Python code with detailed comments and explanations, making it powerful for learners, especially beginners.
  • Poe: Exceptional at summarising complex concepts into easily understandable content, particularly beneficial for educational revision purposes.

Biases and Fact-Checking:

  • Tig emphasised the presence of biases in AI tools and the importance of fact-checking outputs to ensure accuracy and credibility.
  • Tig discussed biases based on training data or societal influences, highlighting the need to critically evaluate outputs for potential biases.

Educational Use:

  • Tig recommends specifying the audience for generated content to ensure appropriateness and accuracy.
  • Tig advocates for educators to understand biases, promote critical thinking skills, and encourage students to question information sources.

Tips for Effective Use:

  • Tig emphasised the importance of detailed prompts to receive accurate outputs tailored to specific needs.
  • Tig suggests specifying the audience for output, fact-checking results, and being cautious about biases present in AI-generated content.

Safeguarding Concerns:

  • Tig raised awareness about safeguarding issues related to AI tools, particularly in image generation and predictive analysis.
  • Tig highlighted the need for caution when using AI tools with personal data and ensuring GDPR compliance and child protection measures are in place.

Using AI video creators:

  • A concern was raised in the meeting about students using video and AI to create a fake. This is something which should be carefully discussed with students
  • Here are some AI video creators:

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