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07 March 2024

Great Science Share for Schools 2024

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Great Science Share for Schools 2024

The Great Science Share for Schools was launched in 2016 and inspires 5–14-year-olds to ask, investigate and share the scientific questions that really matter to them.

Sustainable Science’ is the theme for this year’s Great Science Share for Schools, the annual award-winning campaign which inspires 5-14 year-olds to ask questions that matter to them, investigate and share their science with new audiences. 

New Great Guided Enquiries, consisting of teacher notes and pupil activities, enable you to participate with ease. Uncover the links between sustainability and fashion in the Great Fashion Share. Why not capitalise on the Paris 2024 Olympic Games by joining in the Great Sports Share? Consider the impact of technology on the environment in the Great Computing Share. Enter the world of quantum physics with a captivating new book, written by Jules Pottle for the Great Quantum World

For 2024, Great Science Share for Schools brings you enrichment activities. The Great Science Poetry Share provides a creative outlet for your pupils to share their science. The Great My Science Club resource provides an opportunity to extend your GSSfS into an extra-curricular club. Give your pupils the chance to voice their thoughts on science through the Great Science Shout Out – can they help reach the 200 letters to Parliament target? Encourage higher order thinking skills around sustainability issues that matter to your pupils by using the Great Question Ponder

Sign up to the GSSfS website to access the Toolkit, a one-stop destination for a suite of resources to enable your pupils to work scientifically.

Barefoot's involvement in the Great Computing Share 

The Team at Barefoot have created bespoke resources that are shared as part of this year's celebration.

Barefoot empowers primary school teachers across the UK to deliver the computing curriculum brilliantly with free teacher workshops, engaging lessons plans and resources, and helpful online guides.

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Pupils will be encouraged to develop awareness about how technology produces carbon dioxide

They will review how the different types of technology in school have different carbon emission levels and discuss how their findings inform them about the impact of greenhouse gases on the environment.

This enquiry is in 2 parts.

Firstly, pupils explore a range of technologies used regularly within school. They collect data on the number and frequency of use of different devices to determine which produces the most carbon dioxide. Secondary data supports them to draw conclusions.

Secondly, pupils use computing to create an animation using ‘Scratch’ coding to share their investigation findings with new audiences.

You can find out more at the Great Science Share site here