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05 June 2024

Great Science Share for Schools - 11th June

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The Great Science Share for Schools 2024

The award-winning campaign continuing to inspire 5-14 year olds to take the lead in asking, investigating and sharing scientific questions they care about with new audiences.

"Sustainable Science" is the theme for this year’s Great Science Share for Schools, and encourages students to ask questions that matter to them, investigate and share their science with new audiences. 

Sharing is all about pupils having the chance to talk about their science with another person, preferably someone else their own age.
Sharing is a fundamental part of a Great Science Share for Schools; sharing should be at the heart of your GSSfS experience.

Shares can be big or small. Here we explore some ways your pupils can share their science.

What is a Share?

A Great Science Share is:

•       anything where 2 or more pupils come together to show their enquiry to other people.

•       No limits to the amount of people who can take part.

•       No defined time it should last for.

•       For most of us, it’ll take place on Tuesday 11th June!

•       Keep it simple.

•       a celebratory activity.

Why share?

The Great Science Share for Schools gives pupils the opportunity to:

  • Communicate their questions and findings with each others and talk about the approach they took to answer their scientific question.

  • Explain how their enquiry makes a difference to science in their lives, home, school or across the world.

  • Ask questions to others.

Taking part helps to support key skills and knowledge in science learning including: developing scientific vocabulary, encouraging pupils to explain their thinking, guiding pupils to work scientifically and relating learning to relevant, real world contexts (key areas identified in the Ofsted Research review, Ofsted Finding The Optimum: Science Subject Report and EEF: Improving Primary Science Report.)


How can pupils share?

There are so many different ways to share! It can be as small as sharing in groups in your classroom, or pupils can take part in a larger event.
Here are some ideas:

  • Write a blog

  • Share in a newsletter

  • Make a video

  • Do a dance, perform a play

  • Write some poetry

  • Design a poster or create some Art

Barefoot's involvement in the Great Computing Share 

The Team at Barefoot have created bespoke resources that are shared as part of this year's celebration.

Barefoot empowers primary school teachers across the UK to deliver the computing curriculum brilliantly with free teacher workshops, engaging lessons plans and resources, and helpful online guides.

Find out more and create a free account at


Want to take part in The Great Science Share 2024 but not sure where to start? Help is here! Read the latest blog to be inspired with easy ways in which your pupils can take part this year. It’s not too late! 

Click here to read the blog in full


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