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16 June 2023

AI Debate for Students

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making the headlines in a big way, and thus far the focus has been on the views of industry professionals and educational experts. It's vital that we also gather the student voice on the opportunities and threats of AI and how it is used in education.

To begin this dialogue will be holding an online (Zoom) debate on

  • Tuesday July 18th, 2-3pm.

Join us to hear facts and opinions both for and against the use of AI in education. Hear from both experts and student speakers, with the opportunity for your students ask questions and contribute views to the discussion. You can register for the event (which is free of charge) here - something different to engage students in during those last few days of term!

Understanding what young people think about AI is crucial since they will be most affected by AI's advancements in the future. Their perspectives can shape the ethical, legal, and social implications of AI and their views can help ensure that AI of the future aligns with their needs and values.

Logistically, as a teacher you can join the session and broadcast the debate to your class. At the end of the discussion you will be asked to vote on whether the students think AI is a greater threat or opportunity to education - you can take a vote across your classroom and vote with the majority, there will then be the option to type in any key points or notes your class raised.

Debating skills are relevant across the curriculum so please share with colleagues in other departments such as Humanities.

If your timetabling set-up means that you will be able to join for a portion of the session that's fine, please just dial in when you can.

We look forward to seeing you there!