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CAS Physical Computing Community

The CAS Physical Community provides a space for CAS members to engage in discussions, share valuable resources and best practice around the use of physical computing in the classroom.  

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03 May 2022

CAS Physical Computing Working Group launch

14 Jun 2022

Physical Computing in the classroom sub-group

15 Jun 2022

CAS Physical Computing Working Group

04 Oct 2022

CAS Physical Computing Working Group meeting inc. collecting scientific data

18 Oct 2022

Physical Computing at KS4 & KS5 sub-group meeting

19 Oct 2022

Physical Computing cross-curricular sub-group meeting

10 Nov 2022

I, Robot : CAS Robotics and the micro:bit webinar KS2-KS

15 Nov 2022

Micro:bit code-along - You've got this!

29 Nov 2022

Micro:bit code-along - Health & Wellbeing

07 Dec 2022

CAS Physical Computing Working Group meeting inc. The Pico & the IoT

08 Dec 2022

I, Robot - CAS - BCS Robotics Workshop

24 Jan 2023

Micro:bit code-along - Embedding in the classroom

07 Feb 2023

CAS Physical Computing Working Group meeting - micro:bit special

28 Feb 2023

Introducing the Pico:ed - making music

07 Mar 2023

Cracking codes with the micro:bit

14 Mar 2023

CAS Physical Computing Working Group meeting - with special guests Kitronik!

14 Mar 2023

Introducing the Pico:ed - making music

24 May 2023

CAS Physical Computing - Arduino takeover!

20 Jun 2023

Cracking codes with the micro:bit

28 Jun 2023

CAS Physical Computing Working Group meeting with special guests Julie Kirk - React! and the Micro:bit Foundation

05 Jul 2023

Micro:bit code-along - You've got this!

27 Sep 2023

CAS Physical Computing - Scientific Computing & the Ada Lovelace Workshop

28 Nov 2023

CAS Physical Computing - Lego Beamline, First Tech Challenge & RPi Mission Zero

Working Group: CAS Physical Computing WG

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Sue Sentance
28/11/2023 15:02

I hope to join the physical computing meeting later today if I can but in the meantime if anyone is interested we just announced a new research project relating to the long-term impact of physical computing opportunities.

Sue Sentance, University of Cambridge

Peter Marshman
28/11/2023 09:14

We have a bumper CAS Physical Computing meeting at 4pm today with guests Preeti, Fergus and Ed where we will hear about:

  • ISIS Neutron and Muon Source and physical computing - lego beamline
  • Mission Zero
  • First Tech Challenge

We will also explore the new resources for CAS/Arm innovation days and how you can organise and event at your school.

To join the discussion please sign up at:

Peter Marshman
07/03/2023 09:57

The next full CAS/Arm meeting includes special guests Kitronik who will be sharing case studies with schools and sharing best practice for physical computing.

We also welcome the UESF who will be sharing initiatives for girls into computing through the use of their various programmes aroud the Arduino as well as some A Level resources in collaboration with the University of Southampton.

We’ll also be providing details about an upcoming CAS/Arm physical computing innovation day and how you can get involved.

Book your place:

10/02/2023 11:29

Hey Pete, any updates on anyone else who has gained their Engager PC Badge. May be you can remind us how get one?

Peter Marshman
23/11/2022 10:22

Another micro:bit event - creating a metal detector and getting pupils active: micro:bit - creating a metal detector and getting active

Peter Marshman
02/11/2022 15:12

A new session exploring the Pico:ed - Introducing the Pico:ed - making music

Peter Marshman
01/11/2022 15:23

Hi all, delighted to put on this event with some great resources to share - a focus on using radio and data logging with the micro:bit to explore networks & code breaking Cracking codes with the micro:bit

Peter Marshman
01/11/2022 14:08

In case you missed the cross-curriculuar and KS4/5 sub-group meetings you can find the slides shared here: Physical Computing (x-curriculuar and KS4/5) sub-group files

Peter Marshman
18/10/2022 10:52

A reminder the KS4/5 CAS/Arm physical computing meeting is on this afternoon - details here: Physical Computing at KS4 & KS5 sub-group meeting

Adrian Oldknow
14/10/2022 12:52

Sharing an idea. Physical computing is one excellent opportunity to develop learners’ skills in aspects of mathematics, data science (aka statistics) and computing which underpin engineering, science and technology, and encourage creativity, innovation and problem-solving. What I hope is that sme of us can work on building on this to create a technological education and skills core for the KS2 and KS3 curriculum. This is non-statutory and certainly not an examination syllabus. It is meant as an offering which schools can adopt in order to demonstrate to Ofsted their commitment to making the curriculum broader, more relevant and challenging for all learners 8-14, across the UK. It would be in line with the OECD 2030 Learning Framework, and offere accreditation for coursework using Project Based Learning. Interested? Adrian

Peter Marshman
14/10/2022 11:35

Congratulations to Carol Murray for gaining her Engager PC badge. A lovely resource uploaded around the Sphero Sphero Twister and Challenges. Don’t forget to claim your badge from here: CAS - Arm Physical Computing

Peter Marshman
14/10/2022 11:08

Hi all, reminder that the KS4/5 Physical Computing meeting is coming up on Tuesday 18th Oct. The booking link is here: Physical Computing at KS4 & KS5 sub-group meeting

Peter Marshman
27/09/2022 16:36

I wanted to provide you with some brief updates with regards to the CAS-Arm physical computing opportunities.

Firstly, our next meeting is on the 4th October at 4pm with special guest Dr Mark Basham:
CAS Physical Computing Working Group meeting inc. collecting scientific data. It would be wonderful to see many of you there.

Secondly, at this meeting we will be share details of some new CAS badges that you can earn, showing your commitment to your continued development with physical computing. You can find out more here:

I’m also providing some links to some upcoming code-along events:



I do hope you have had an enjoyable start to the new term and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Best wishes

Peter Marshman
02/08/2022 16:07

Some new code-along opportunities for micro:bit listed in this section. First up it’s: Micro:bit code-along - You've got this!

Peter Marshman
28/06/2022 11:42

Delighted to welcome the Rosalind Franklin Institute to our next meeting - book your place here: CAS Physical Computing Working Group meeting

Peter Marshman
25/05/2022 09:55

The next Physical Computing working group meeting is the 15th June with special guests the Micro:bit Foundation. Don’t forget to book your place here: CAS Physical Computing Working Group

Robert Leeman
13/05/2022 15:17

The Arm School Program (ASP) and the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) is hosting a full day STEM Physical Computing competition on July 8th at DCI2 on the Science Park in Cambridge. Teams from schools across the county will compete to build a micro satellite to meet specific objectives. If you are in Cambridgeshire and want to get involved please sign up here: Invitation only - Innovation day for schools in Cambs / N. Northants NCCE hub area | STEM

Peter Marshman
09/05/2022 10:50

Hi all, some thoughts after the meeting last week, feel free to share any of your thoughts. Physical Computing – the importance of context & PBL

Peter Marshman
09/05/2022 09:15

Just to let you know that the slides from the meeting last week are available here: CAS Physical Computing Working Group launch (bottom of the page)

You can find the slides from the keynote speaker here: Remote Cubed - Contextual approaches for Physical Computing

Marc Scott
03/05/2022 16:58

Just introducing myself. I’m Marc and work for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, so feel free to ask any questions about RPi kit and PC.

03/05/2022 16:32

To help keep track of posts in this forum and other . Look at installing an app on your phone. Discourse - 'A funny thing happened on the way to the forum'

03/05/2022 10:52

Hi @MarcScott,

Sorry to hear you’re having problems registering for this event. I’ve added you myself this morning. If this issue persists or you are no longer able to attend then please let me know.

Many thanks,


03/05/2022 10:49

Get in touch with
Robert Leeman

03/05/2022 10:48

Does this work for you?


Marc Scott
03/05/2022 10:16

Hi, I would be interested in joining the Working Group, but the Join Now! link on the page directs to a “Page Not Found”

29/04/2022 18:09

For discussion -
Primary ….definitely Primary.

Robert Leeman
27/04/2022 13:36

New micro:bit CPD hot off the press!

Robert Leeman
27/04/2022 12:04

The list of ‘initiatives’ is vey much up for debate! Please comment if you want to get involved in one or want to suggest something else the group may wish to focus on:

  • Developing engaging PC/PBL resources (single projects to a template)
  • Getting started with Physical Computing CPD (attending or delivering at CAS events)
  • Report on how PBL is currently used in schools
    • % of schools currently using PC/PBL
    • Training needs in schools K-12
    • Access to hardware
  • What makes an engaging context?
  • Special needs focussed resources/projects/contexts
  • A deep dive into the ASP schema for PC/PBL
  • Developing A Level CS PBL projects
  • Developing GCSE CS PBL projects
  • Creating Culturally Responsive projects
  • Online workshops to support teachers
  • Case studies on best practice in applying PC/PBL in Computing
  • Case study of using Physical Computing to teach GCSE CS/KS3
  • CAS PBL Innovation day(example here)
  • CAS PBL in a box (for CAS community leaders)
  • Ongoing coaching and support in applying PBL in the classroom
  • A joint project with CSTA PBL WG
Robert Leeman
27/04/2022 12:02


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