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27 April 2022

The new CAS Physical Computing Working Group

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Robert Leeman | Education Solutions Manager for the Arm Schools Program

I’m delighted to announce a new partnership between the Arm School Program and CAS. We have formed a new working group aspiring to build a community to help support teachers adopt Physical Computing and Project Based Learning (PBL) into their curricula.

The community will be where teachers can come for ongoing training and support in applying PBL in the classroom and can access, share and contribute to the groups body of resources and training.  

The working group encourages debate and critical analysis of the current Physical Computing and Project Based Learning landscape. The intention is to produce outputs to improve the adoption and understanding of PBL/PC in Computer Science classrooms.  

If you have an interest in Physical Computing and want to learn more, please join the community, and get involved!

Join now!


The ‘work’ part of the working group will be focused on a selection of initiatives which members can contribute to however they can. Sessions will be dedicated to the following areas of interest with guest speakers and presentations from those working in the fields followed by discussion on how the working group can move towards a tangible outcome.  


  • Developing engaging PC/PBL resources (single projects to a template)
  • Getting started with Physical Computing CPD (attending or delivering at CAS events)
  • Report on how PBL is currently used in schools
    • % of schools currently using PC/PBL
    • Training needs in schools K-12
    • Access to hardware
  • What makes an engaging context?
  • Special needs focussed resources/projects/contexts
  • A deep dive into the ASP schema for PC/PBL
  • Developing A Level CS PBL projects 
  • DevelopingGCSE CS PBL projects
  • Creating Culturally Responsive projects
  • Online workshops to support teachers
  • Case studies on best practice in applying PC/PBL in Computing
  • Case study of using Physical Computing to teach GCSE CS/KS3
  • CAS PBL Innovation day(example here)
  • CAS PBL in a box (for CAS community leaders)
  • Ongoing coaching and support in applying PBL in the classroom
  • A joint project with CSTA PBL WG


The group will launch with an inaugural session on May 3rd at 4pm  Sign up here.


Rachael Coultart
10/05/2022 08:44

It’s really great to see a special focus on the physical computing side of our curriculum here. I think it’s the area that generates the most excitement and engagement from pupils, but the most fear and apprehension from teachers, so anything that can help address this is great. I also think that EYFS is a great starting point and I do a lot of physical computing in our Nursery and Reception class because I love playing with robots :o)

I’ve signed up for your next meeting, but can’t actually make it in person, so I’m hoping for some notes or a presentation link or recording to see what you do and and say. Many thanks, Rachael

Stuart Ball
19/05/2022 12:34

The micro:bit Foundation have just released a new Python Editor for Micro:bit. They are looking for Beta Testers and Feedback . Its worth signing up for -
Would be good to get the thoughts of this group to the Foundation.
Any one had a look at it? I am happy to collate any feedback if that helps.

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