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CAS Stevenage Primary

Welcome to the CAS Stevenage Primary Community which was established during lockdown in 2020 and has been meeting termly online to discuss a range of Computing related topics. Our meetings aim to provide an informal space for sharing ideas and issues and inspire you to try something new in your setting, so we hope you will hit the 'Join Community' button now to ​receive updates on what we are up to. 

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Community: CAS Stevenage Primary

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Rachael Coultart
22/07/2022 08:52

Many thanks to all who attended our first in-person community meeting this month. It was really great to get together with local teachers and play with some robots! The slides can be found here and the video link to a great example of perseverance is here Perseverance with Ozobot on Vimeo

Happy holidays,

Richard Smith
02/03/2022 17:11

Thanks so much. I picked up lots of tips. R

Rachael Coultart
02/03/2022 15:58

Good evening, All!
For those joining me at tonight’s EYFS showcase, I hope the 'Join Now’Zoom link works… if not, you could try this:

Happy days,

Rachael Coultart
27/02/2022 08:04

Good morning!

It’s our EYFS Showcase event this week (Wednesday 2nd March 4-5pm) and we’re looking forward to hearing from a wide range of enthusiastic CAS Community members about what they do to make their EYFS settings great. It’s not too late to join us or promote the event to your EYFS colleagues.

Feel free to email me ( for more details, the Zoom meeting link or with any questions that you hope might be answered on the night.

Thank you,

Rachael Coultart
18/01/2022 17:05

EYFS Showcase 2022

If you work in EYFS and have an idea for developing children’s computational thinking skills or computing skills in general and would like to share it with us at this meeting, you would be very welcome. Please contact me on and share a single presentation slide by Friday 25th February.

If you support those working in EYFS and would like some inspirational ideas to take you into summer term and beyond, then feel free to join us:

Thanks for considering,


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