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The primary aim of Computing At School (CAS) is to promote and develop the teaching of computing in schools by supporting teachers. One way to achieve this is to provide teachers with a local forum (CAS Community) to share ideas and mutual interests. These CAS Communities form the foundation of much of the work of CAS. CAS Community meetings are for teachers, run by teachers.

They seek to provide the opportunity:

  • for teachers to meet in a relaxed and informal atmosphere with refreshments
  • to share ideas and resources
  • to receive informal training
  • to gain mutual support from discussing teaching methods with colleagues.

Furthermore, CAS derives much benefit from drawing in members from Universities and industry as well as schools. The CAS Community provides a unique opportunity to meet colleagues from local higher education institutions and local employers.

Community Leaders – Promoting Community

Find support, share ideas, and collaborate with others in the CAS Community

Across the UK there are over 330 CAS Communities supported by more than 400 volunteer CAS Community Leaders.

Community Leaders are amazing! They have huge knowledge, expertise, and passion for computing education. They are on hand to support you to connect with others, to share your knowledge, expertise and passion – and to discover new things about teaching computing.

  • Community Leaders organise and facilitate regular community meet ups, usually one per term.
  • Topics for meet ups vary but are always driven by the needs of teachers.
  • Members can join any community and attend any meeting or event.
  • Explore Communities or browse upcoming meetings and events.

Want to support other teachers in your area?

Find out what’s involved in becoming a CAS Community Leader...