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AI tools for teachers and students

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Last edit: 13 May 2024

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Here is a list of AI tools I found for teachers and students. I haven't checked which tools are suitable for students or how useful these tools are but would love to know if you have

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Becci Peters | 13.05.24

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New Resource: AI tools for teachers and students (2024-05-12)

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Kenji Lamb
13/05/2024 16:36

Just had a quick look - and the format of the PDF is really difficult to use (picture of a logo followed by a link to ‘video’ or ‘site’. I recognise a number of the logos, but beyond that it’s just clicking to watch a video or visit the tool/service site to discover what it is …

I see the PDF has been created by a Chris Clementi, shame s/he didn’t take the time to include a brief description and/or categorise what’s there. There are a few accessibility issues with the way the PDF is presented (but at this point, that’s just niggling).

Always keen to try out useful tools and appreciate the effort people put into sharing resources, but lost the will with this one and had to move on …