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AQA 8525 GCSE Tracking Sheet

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Last edit: 11 November 2023

Resource Type Schemes of Work (Programming Units and Curriculum), Planning Assessments and Guidance
Curriculum Topic Algorithmic Thinking, Computational Thinking, Computer Networks, Computer Systems, Creating Media, Data & Information, Design & Development, Effective use of tools, Ethics, Physical Computing, Programming, Safety & Security
English Key Stage 14-16 years (KS4)
Awarding Bodies AQA

Resource description

This resource is a spreadsheet that can be distributed to pupils to allow pupils to track their own progress through the AQA 8525 GCSE Computer Science course. Giving pupils ownership of their progress and results rather than them being perceived by pupils as something that is controlled by and as the responsibility of the teacher can aid students to become self-directed learners.


There is a .xlsx for Microsoft Excel using schools and a copy link to a Google Sheets version for Google using schools.

How to use the spreadsheet

Rather than typing written instructions there is a 5-minute video displaying how to use the different elements of the spreadsheet. Note that the video is for the OCR J277 specification and this doanload is for the AQA 8525 version.

Password protection (.xlsx version)

Most of the first sheet (My Progress) and a part of the second sheet (Work Record) are locked to prevent pupils from accidentally (or purposely) editing the formulas. The password to unlock the sheets is: **csteacher**


This spreadsheet is an adaptation of the AQA 8525 GCSE Tracking sheet  posted by Mick Flaherty

Edit history

James King | 11.11.23

Removed preview pictures because their resolution looked bad on the website.

James King | 11.11.23

Initial creation

Discuss: AQA 8525 GCSE Tracking Sheet (2023-11-11)

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Oliver Williams
16/11/2023 16:22

This looks great - I already RAG the specification with my students, but this is a much nicer way to do it.
Sadly, I’ve spotted a tiny issue - if a student performs really badly and gets a U grade in the WORK RECORD tab - it shows they are above target (one very happy student today!!)

(also, the password did not seem to unlock it so I could try and fix the issue for you)

Gus Ferguson
12/11/2023 21:01

Hi James - thanks very much for the OCR version. Yes just says “Safari cannot open this page”.

James King
12/11/2023 19:37


Here is an OCR J277 .xlsx version. I teach AQA so didn’t convert the OCR one to Google Sheets.

Does the Google link just do nothing when it is followed?

Thank you

Gus Ferguson
11/11/2023 17:11

Hi James
Thanks for the post, but the link is not working for me.
Is there an OCR J277 version of the spreadsheet available?
Many thanks, Gus