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CAS Assessment working group report (August 2015)

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The CAS Assessment working group is made up of volunteer CAS members from a range of educational backgrounds including teachers, subject leaders, teacher educators, examiners and advisors; all have a common interest of promoting the teaching of computing. This report arises from a series of workshops and online discussions and makes clear messages about the issues, affordances and challenges of assessment within Computing.

During the process of establishing that report we wrote many thousands of words – no doubt every word written was considered important by the author and those collaborating. Overall, it evidences the fact that we perceive a need for such writing – documents that articulates and more fully describes assessment in Computing. It is hoped that the work of the Assessment working group can continue to produce papers that are informative and advisory towards classroom practice. It should be recognised that all the authors are volunteers and reinforces the maxim, there is no them, only us. We look forward to your responses and engagement in future developments.

John Woollard Chair of CAS Assessment working group

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