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Decoding the new computing programmes of study

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Last edit: 16 January 2023

Key Stage 1 Programming
Key Stage 2 Programming
Key Stage 3 Programming, Logic, Binary, Data, Hardware
Imported Resource Type Curriculum/SoW
Subject Knowledge Algorithms, Programming and Development, Data and Data Representation
Age Range 7-, 7-11, 11-14, 14-16

Decoding the new programmes of study for computing is a guide to the thinking behind the new Programme of Study for Computing in England. I wrote it to help CAS members unpack some of the rather dense language in the POS, and I tried to write in language that is accessible to schoolteachers. (You can judge how successful I have been!)

I would welcome feedback, the more concrete and specific the better. Either add comments below, or email me directly. I've put up both Word and PDF versions so that you can use Word comments or Track Changes if that is the most convenient way for you to work.

Simon Peyton Jones

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