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Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) and formative assessment

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English Key Stage 11-14 year (KS3), 14-16 years (KS4), 16-18 Years (KS5)
Resource Type Planning Assessments and Guidance
Curriculum Topic Algorithmic Thinking, Creating Media, Computer Networks, Computer Systems, Data & Information, Design & Development, Effective use of tools, Impact of technology, Programming, Safety & Security

Placeholder for report published July 3rd 2020

During the CAS Virtual Showcase in June/July 2020 the CAS Assessment Working Group and CAS Research Working Group undertook a number of activities related to school teaching and learning in emergency remote teaching (lockdown).

This resource outlines the work on formative assessment in emergency remote teaching. This work was undertaken by members of the CAS Assessment working group and CAS Research working group.

Six activities were undertaken as part of this investigation

  • Ran a series of simple polls on social media to gather some view of what formative assessment is being undertaken. The data from these polls is shown in Appendix 1 of the summary report.
  • Presented the investigation in an introductory session at the start of CAS Virtual . The link to the recording of this session is here. The slides for this session are in the download.
  • Presented a CAS Virtual session on ABC, a process for reviewing and designing online learning activities. This process gives a framework and vocabulary in which formative assessment can be identified. The link to the recording of this session is here. The slides for this session are in the download 
  • Ran an interactive workshop where we looked at our questions. (This was not recorded as it was run on zoom and was interactive.) The google slides which are the result of the session are here
  • Presented on the findings from the poll, and interactive workshop. The slides for this session are in the download.
  • Wrote up a series of outputs from the interactive workshop.

Four outputs are to be created.

A summary report 

A set of top tips 

A hello world article

A more formal research report

We would like to thank all the teachers who took part in this working group. But most of all those who took part in the interactive session and worked on the write up. Authors are Jane Waite... 

Over 200 completed polls, over 40 attended ABC sessions and a dozen worked on the formative assessment activities

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