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MediaLib (and other news and information)

When 15 Feb 2023 Start16:00 End17:00
Organised by Simon Roberts
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Local Community

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MediaLib - An Introduction

This session will be as practical as possible. Demonstrations will be given and opportunities to ask lots of questions and discuss possibilities.


An introduction to MediaLib - Main

  • Installation
  • IDEs
  • Functionality and pedagogy
  • Resources and Tutorials

Other news and Information - should time allow.

  • CQF (Computing Quality Framework)
  • Courses and Events
  • CSA Test booster and revision sessions.

*MediaLib has been developed by an international team to allow the initial cognitive overload of learning programming to be reduced. Images, sounds and animations can be created/used without having the initial overwhelming facts and constructs that are required by many other programming methodologies. All of which is still done within a text-based interface.

For further information

Simon Roberts