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CAS is a community of individuals who are passionate about giving our children a great education in computing. It is a community of professional practice, which we join as colleagues in a shared endeavour. It is not a service to which we subscribe.

The CAS Community members and champions run over 150 regional hubs. Here, we meet together, talk, exchange ideas and share resources. Join CAS to become a member of this community. It’s free, you get no spam, and you’ll have access to 20,000+ colleagues, 3,000+ resources, the online discussions, and much more.


What's going on in CAS


[FREE] A cs4fn guide to Secondary School Computing Topics

Published by Jo Brodie on 2016-10-24

Activities and background reading material, by topic


Codeweek UK

Published by Simon Humphreys on 2016-09-21

Join us to celebrate the first Code Week UK between 15th - 23rd of October 2016. A week of making, coding, sharing, having fun! Visit to add your events or find one near yo...


Computing For All

Published by Roger Davies on 2016-09-10

Too many people still see Computing as a niche subject for the technically minded. CAS takes a different view. The latest issue of Switched On This issue focuses on inclusion; on making Computing acces...


London Ambitions Portal

From London

Published by LSEF (uploaded by Jo Brodie) on 2016-10-06

Supporting young Londoners in gaining STEM skills for the future


Girls get coding!

From London

Published by Jane Waite on 2016-10-05

Imperial College London is announcing a new program called 'Aspire' which aims to show young girls how exciting and accessible computing is as a subject. The course will run for 10 weeks, and will by t...


Pupil Survey on use of Internet

From London

Published by Jane Waite on 2016-09-15

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There is no "them" - only us

CAS is a grass roots organisation, whose energy, creativity, and leadership comes from its members. Simon Humphreys, CAS Coordinator

Promoting and supporting excellence in computer science education

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