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CAS is a community of individuals who are passionate about giving our children a great education in computing. It is a community of professional practice, which we join as colleagues in a shared endeavour. It is not a service to which we subscribe.

The CAS Community members and champions run over 150 regional hubs. Here, we meet together, talk, exchange ideas and share resources. Join CAS to become a member of this community. It’s free, you get no spam, and you’ll have access to 20,000+ colleagues, 3,000+ resources, the online discussions, and much more.


What's going on in CAS


Physical Computing (with BBC micro:bits and other Bobs)

Published by Stephen Richards on 2016-05-10

It’s not easy to quantify and measure the impact of certain aspects of teaching strategies but sometimes you can just tell when something works. Teaching Computing principles with physical computing is...


Switched On Summer 2016

Published by Roger Davies on 2016-05-04

The latest issue of Switched On, the CAS newsletter/magazine, is now available. It’s not often teachers have a chance to affect what happens on a world scale, but that is one of the outcomes of our re...


CAS National Conference 2016

Published by Simon Humphreys on 2016-04-14

Booking for the 2016 National CAS Conference is now open. Held at the University of Birmingham (June 18th 2016) the conference is a highlight of the year. This year we have David Malan (Harvard Unive...


Congratulations to Michael Jones, winner of the Churchill Medal

From London

Published by Jo Brodie on 2016-05-26

Michael, of Northfleet Technology College, has been honoured by the The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust for his work in education


Festival of Code, Roehampton

From London

Published by Jo Brodie on 2016-05-24

A day of inspirational talks, workshops and research presentations.


BBC Bitesize video clips for KS3 topics

From London

Published by Jo Brodie on 2016-05-19

including Abstraction, Algorithms, Decomposition, Pattern Recognition, Evaluating Solutions, Searching Algorithms, Sorting Algorithms, How search engines work, Staying Safe Online, Bias and reliability...

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CAS is a grass roots organisation, whose energy, creativity, and leadership comes from its members. Simon Humphreys, CAS Coordinator

Promoting and supporting excellence in computer science education

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