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CAS Tenderfoot, funded by Google Education, is a CPD programme covering the essential concepts for computer science underpinning the Computing curriculum for secondary school teachers (KS3) in England.

Seven complete units designed as CPD units to take teachers deeper into the computer science subject knowledge and pedagogy in the school curriculum. 

Changes to the computing curriculum in schools has brought with it many exciting opportunities for both teachers and students but also challenges.  One of the most significant is providing the right support for computer science teachers cross the country so they are skilled, able and confident to provide their children with the most exciting computing curriculum possible.  Computing At School puts this challenge at the heart of its activity and with the support of Google Education have developed an innovative suite of CPD materials for teachers of Computer Science, in England, at Key Stage 3.

The Computing At School Tenderfoot project is made up of a wide range of units each of which will equip teachers by illustrating the breadth and depth of computer science at Key Stage 3. Each is designed to provide for the training of the next generation of curriculum leaders through a series of exciting and relevant presentation of teaching resources. Each of the resources are specially designed so those curriculum leaders and champions can then use the same materials with teaching colleagues in their school and beyond.

The seven units that make up the CAS Tenderfoot CPD programme work their way from laying firm foundations for understanding programming, simple to more complex algorithms and data structures, role of agent-based modelling through to understanding finite state machines.  They provide critical understanding of the principles of computer science for the Key Stage 3 teacher preparing them for delivery at GCSE and beyond.

Each unit has been authored by Roger Davies, a full-time teacher and long-time CAS member, with additional input from other secondary school teachers and academics.  All use freely available resources, many of which are unplugged, sourced from the CAS Community website and beyond.  Each unit has been tried, tested and peer reviewed; each one beautifully presented with clear instructions and accompanying video support to help teachers and trainers deliver to their department colleagues and other teachers.

The Tenderfoot project also provides an understanding of the professional values of research and its implications on continued professional practice. As part of this the BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching is considered within Tenderfoot and ideas for research are also discussed.  

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